Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Extra Week of Lent.

So I decided to give up fried food for lent this year. Since I am a very picky eater and chicken strips are usually on every menu... I have sufficiently cut my food intake by a lot. (The Bif thinks it is amazing I don't weight over 200 lbs.) But giving things up is not supposed to be easy... so that is why I chose this. I am also giving up Pepperoni Pizza. I will also be making an effort to eat salads for lunch. (Note: I have only been eating salad for probably the last 8 months. I don't like vegetables... they taste like I took a bite of the ground. It is like eating grass.) You get the point.

But the true story begins here... I have been working crazy hours and when I am not working I am running around trying to do errands and have a little fun (i.e. going to a concert) so I have paid very little attention to when Lent actually started. The Bif had a King Cake in the office last week and without checking just assumed that was the sign Lent had started. He told me this so I started my non-fried food diet... a week early! I didn't question him on it because A) he has a huge head that is filled with a huge brain so he usually is right about things like this, B) I didn't have time to check, and C) I was excited (slightly) about my healthy diet. Weird. But none the less, I show up to work today and receive an e-mail that says "King Cake in the Bizhub. Happy Fat Tuesday." So at least I am now with the times... instead of ahead of the times.

p to the s. Happy Birthday to my Little Bro! Welcome to your twenties!

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Mom said...

Sorry you started a week early! But I am super excited about your venture to eat healthier! No Chicken Fingers! What on earth are you going to eat. And WOW, Salad! Wonders never cease!Maybe you need more carrots, dressing and croutons on your salad, that's how I started. Anyway, I enjoy reading, it's always good for a smile and a chuckle!