Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding... Finally!

I am beyond excited to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow morning... and when I say morning  I mean 5:00am or earlier because coverage starts at 3:00am. I really am going to get up and watch it. These things don't occur too often in a lifetime so it is definitely important to me that I get up and participate.

I finally got around to watching the William & Kate movie on Lifetime that I DVRed. It did not let me down. Though I am sure that 80% of the story was complete fiction, I still really got lost in the love story and then started having jealous feelings towards Kate because I want to be royal.

My only real complaint about the movie was that the actor who played Prince Harry (My favorite Prince. I love red heads.) was not as cute as the actor who played Prince William. Prince Harry is much more attractive in real life and so I wish they would have found a better looking actor to play Prince Harry. Even though he was only in one scene. I am a big Harry fan so I can't help it.

I am beyond excited to see what Kate looks like tomorrow at the wedding. I am sure she is going to be absolutely stunning... and super skinny. Man, I want to hate her but I can't. I just hope the dress doesn't disappoint.

Check back Monday for a Royal Wedding follow up post full of all my opinions of the day!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one excited about the wedding! I too loved the movie! Kind of a princess fairytale movie for us bigger girls!