Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Royal Wedding Wednesday!

  • Honeymoon News! Looks like William and Kate will be off to Scotland for their honeymoon to stay at the Queen's Scottish Estate at Balmoral. After Scotland they will jet set off to another romantic local. The Queen and Prince Philip and Prince Charles and Princess Diana also spent part of their honeymoons at Balmoral.

  • Everyone is wondering what Kate will wear on the big day, but will Prince William be wearing his Army, Navy or Royal Air Force Uniform in the wedding ceremony? Both Prince Phillip and Prince Charles wore their Navy Uniform on their wedding day.

From left to right: Army, Royal Air Force and Navy

I definitely hope he goes with the Navy Uniform for the Wedding. But I love him in the RAF.

What is your pick for Prince William on the Big Day!?

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Alyssa said...

My pick for the wedding is definitely navy! I really like the RAF uniform too. You can already tell that it looks good with white because of Kate's coat. But, I think the darker suit for a royal wedding makes a better contrast. - Alyssa