Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It is on.

On Sunday, I decided that the Bif and I needed some friendly competition in our lives. (Well, it probably won't be friendly because I know I will hit below the belt in order to win.) We are competing to see who is more funny. Let me give you a little insight on to how this whole thing was set in motion.

We were having dinner together at the high class dining establishment, Olive Garden, because the Bif is in public accounting and we have not seen much of each other lately. While enjoying our endless breadsticks and salad I was telling some hilarious jokes. It was like I was a stand-up comedian how slick the witty remarks were rolling off my tounge. (Disclaimer: Bif will disagree that all my jokes were funny... but they were.) But then I told one that was a doozy, and allowed me to win the first point in our friendly competition. I have to tell this story vaguely. But it goes a little something like this...

Bif: "We were having a competition of who could jump on top of a file cabinet with no running start."

Me: "What a waste of the company dime." (You have to imagine this in a sarcastic tone...)

Bif LOVES nerdy accounting humor... so by me making this joke I hit the spot. And laughter poured out in our little two person table in the corner. Then Bif finally admitted I said something funny, but all my other jokes were not funny. I obviously disagreed (you should also know I have the ability to crack myself up.) So then it was on. We would have a competition to see who really was more funny. At the end of each day a point will be awarded to the person who made the other laugh the hardest. You can use any type of delivery. Actual jokes, hilarious youtube videos, pictures, etc.

I will win. I am more funny.

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Perpetual Blind Date said...

Ah good luck! Just watching you two interact makes me crack up! I'm very excited for the results of this competition!