Friday, February 4, 2011

To-Do: Move out of apartment and into a rent house

Sorry for the gap in posts. I blame the snowpocalypse...

I do not like apartment living. Not one bit. I almost can't even think of all the reasons that I don't like it because they have all wrapped up together into a giant ball of hate. The noisy neighbors, walking up 3 flights of stairs, walking up 3 flights of stairs carrying 50+ pounds of groceries, not knowing my neighbors, smelling smoke in my heat/air duct. You get the point. I am unsatisfied.

So I began the search for a rental house. And a new roomie, because mine is awful... JUST KIDDING. She is getting married and upgrading to a boy roommate. He will take out the trash and do all the other manly things that boy roommates are great for. (I am hoping for my future boy roommate to also clean the dishes after I cook... fingers crossed.)

Where am I on the roommate/house search. 50% complete. I am going to be living with with my co-worker and fellow OSU alum, Alyssa. We are currently still trying to figure out the housing situation but I have complete faith we will get it figured out! (Especially since we don't need to move out of our current apartments until June.)

Lots more news to come on this front. So stay tuned.

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