Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Spring/Summer of 10 Weddings.

If you couldn't guess based on the title of this post... I have 10 weddings to attend in the next 5 months. Luckily, none of the weddings occur on the same day, but some are back to back days in back to back weekends. Only one of the ten weddings will be in my city. So I am going to be putting some miles on Lily (my car) as we take to the open road to join my buddies in holy matrimony.

I must say I am quite a bit stressed out over how I am going to make it to all of these weddings. I really don't plan to have any down time at all this summer. And along with weddings come... Showers! Which seem to be filling up all the other weekends I have free. It is nuts. (By the way, I am naming my next dog Nuts.)

I already live away from most of my friends, which is a huge bummer because I rarely get to see them. And most of them live in the city of their family so they never have a reason to come to my city. So I am really looking forward to all the opportunities I have over the spring and summer to see all my buddies.

I know driving places almost every weekend is going to be a huge pain... but once I get to my destination and see my buddies it will be worth it.

I have already created some lists in order to help me survive this crazy wedding season:
  • What dress should I wear to each wedding List. (I can't afford 10 new dresses... so I have to plan on which ones I'll wear around different crowds. Don't want to be caught in the same dress at every wedding!)
  • Elphie-Sitter List. Since nine of these weddings are out of town I have to make arrangments for my furchild.
  • Wedding Gift Bought List. Have to keep straight who I have bought a gift for or not. I like to buy them at least a month or two in advance.
I'm sure there are more lists to come... and I'll blog about the ones above soon!

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Alyssa said...

So what your saying is, I'll actually have no roommate until August? Party at the Billson/Nelings house! (Which one do you like better)
- Alyssa