Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Royal Wedding in my Mailbox.

No, It was not an invitation to the Royal Wedding in my mailbox... but you can only imagine how excited I was when I pulled this out.

And nestled in between a Biore ad and a story about the falling out of Miley Cyrus' family was a three page spread covering new wedding details. Yippee!
So let me fill you in on the newest news:

  • Invitations have been sent out. Who got invites? The Beckhams will be attending, but the Obamas were snubbed. (Apparently, I was too.) Also not invited, The Dutchess of York, but I think she dug her own grave on that one. Who is on the maybe list? Kanye and Elton John.
  • Kate will be arriving in a car. Not the carriage. But she will leave with William in the carriage. The thought seems to be she arrives as Miss Middleton and leaves as Her Royal Highness of whatever.
  • Speaking of her new name. It is rumored that upon the wedding Prince William will be bestowed a dukedom, possibly Cambridge or Sussex. But even though she would be a dutchess, since she is marrying a prince she, of course, will be a princess.
  • The Parties. After the ceremony the Queen will be hosting a Breakfast for 600 guests. At 7 p.m. Prince Charles will host  a dinner dance. Probably for about 300 guests.
Hope you enjoyed your weekly dose of Royal Wedding. I'll send you off with a closer look at the invitation.

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