Thursday, January 20, 2011

My 2011 To-Do List

There are a combination of factors that led me to create my 2011 to-do list. For years I have been making daily and weekly to-do lists, but I never really thought about making a whole year to-do list. Sure, I always made a New Years resolution that I was bound not to follow through with and fall into a massive depression of guilt and stress. (Not really. I usually just tried to cut out french fries or biting my nails. Those are things I really can't quit.) So this year I thought "Why not make a goal?" Something I could and would acheive. There is always disappointment when you try to cut something out of your life, so why not bring something more into it. I must give credit for the goal idea to my company. After my end-of-year review and setting goals for the next year of work I thought I would set a personal one. But wait... "Why just one? Uno?" (Spanish is the only other language I know... and not very well.) I would set ELEVEN goals for myself! No. No. Eleven TO-DOs for myself. You can back out on a goal and not acheive it. You can't not do a to-do. It is a to-do as in, must be accomplished. So over the next 11 weekdays (sorry, I have to take a blog break on the weekends) I will be talking about each of my 11 to-dos for 2011.

Sorry again for another lackluster blog post... I would include a picture of my list but I'll have to save it for the end because if you saw it you would know all my goals and the daily reveal would not be as exciting... for my 3 readers (If I even have 3 readers...)

Did you set any goals for yourself in 2011?

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