Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unsuccessful attempt at being healthy...

So today I was going to blog all about how I am making great strides towards leading a healthier lifestyle by eating oatmeal for breakfast. I chose the apples and cinnamon flavor and it smelled great while it was cooking and when I took it out, well I don't know what I was expecting to see because it isn't like I have never seen oatmeal before... but I never realized how much it looks like barf. puke. vomit.

But I had a confidence today. I was walking back to my desk so proudly. "Look at me... I'm eating oatmeal... I am healthy... I am elite..." Then I sat down, took a bite and the disappointment and failure set in. This shiz is awful. The apple/cinnamon flavor barely came through and it was a terrible consistency of slime with chunks in it... yuck!

I had aspirations of taking pictures of my full bowl of oatmeal... then the empty bowl and posting them with this blog... but I got so wrapped up in how nasty it was that I threw it away without even thinking of documenting it (I am still new to this whole blog thing.) So accept my apologies for a lack-luster blog post. I am just too disappointed with my epic fail of leading a healthier life...

I'm going to go buy a piece of coffee cake downstairs to help cure my sorrows!

Oatmeal fans... Unite. Help a girl out. Any way to make it better or any better alternative?

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Perpetual Blind Date said...

I add brown sugar! It makes a world of difference. I also use milk instead of water. I'm not really sure if that helps though.