Friday, January 14, 2011

My Pride and Joy

This is my wonderful puppy Elphie. She is named after my favorite character, Elphaba, from my favorite Musical, Wicked. (I really am a true Wicked fan. My friend Christina bought me the soundtrack in highschool and I have been obsessed ever since... like 7 years... before it was the cool thing to do... Ok, you get it!) I have had my precious Elphie since October 30th. She is a half shih tzu, half weiner dog... a.k.a Shweenie. Since she came into my life around Halloween, my dad affectionately calls her the "Halloshween".  

The story of how Elphie came into my life: My roommate and I found her and her sister on Petfinder where they were up for adoption from a rescue. I had been thinking about getting a puppy for months but I kept going back and forth on the idea, and then I once I saw her picture I knew. (See picture below)

How can you resist that face? I couldn't. So I filled out an application for her (My roommate also filled out an application to adopt her sister) and we were told that later that night they would be making the decision on who they were going to chose to adopt the puppies. So we waited patiently in anticipation of a phone call... no such luck. The next day we received e-mails that they would be calling to ask us a few questions. They mean serious business... I felt like I was adopting a real child! After the exchange of a few e-mails and phone calls they decided we were going to be the best moms for these pups! We picked them up two days later from their foster mom and the rest is history.

I know that even though she likes to chew things up and has had a few accidents in the wrong place, getting Elphie has been a great decision. If the rescue had decided not to place her with me I was going to take that as a sign that this was not the right time in my life to get a puppy. But they did, and I couldn't imagine a better dog.

Here is a picture of Elphie with her sister, Punkin, enjoying one of their favorite toys! (They fight over it now... so it only comes out when one of them is home alone! They are already turning me into a Mom!)

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