Monday, January 24, 2011

To-Do: Keep Bedroom Tidy

Disclaimer: I am not a dirty person... but sometimes my bedroom gets messy.

I blame this on not having enough space to put everything. Which probably means I have too much junk and need to clean it out. (Especially now that I have discovered my closet space is probably going to be cut in half next time I move) GARAGE SALE! No, not really. I will just be donating some things to Good Will or the Church. And I will be buying a lot more tubs and baskets and organizational things.. like I beautiful armoire! Like this one

When I first started buying things for my new apartment I felt very overwhelmed and like I didn't have enough money to buy all the organizational type things I needed... but next time I move I will have been working for almost a year... so I probably can afford it now. We shall see. This is the next step to learning how to organize my clothes. I have never really had to worry about that type of stuff because I have always had huge closets that hold everything. Now its going to be whatever is in season hangs in the closet and out of season might just have to be in plastic bins under the bed! This post is giving me anxiety... but that it is why it is a To-Do for 2011, so I can get organized and Woohoo!

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