Thursday, January 27, 2011

To-Do: Lose 10 lbs. and keep them off

I am not going to write much about this because no one wants to read about the insecurities I have with my body. No, I don't think I am fat. I just want to get in shape. If that means I only need to lose 5 lbs. to look more toned so be it. I'm not a professional worker outer so I have no idea how to judge these things. If I can get to the place where I feel like I look like a hot mama I will have succeeded. (No. I am not really a mama to any children. Just a furbaby.)

Update on yoga: It was great. I can't say that I found that much inner peace, but probably because I was trying to keep up with the instructor. And we did alternating nostril breathing and I must say... that gets snotty. Hamstrings are sore so I can definitely tell I got a good workout in too!  

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