Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

One way to really get my blood boiling is to say this:

"Happy invented for the greeting card companies holiday!!!!" - @joelmchale

Guess I will be boycotting the Soup for at least a month... But anyways I think Valentine's Day has always been so fun. Remember decorating a shoebox in elementary school and passing out Valentine's with Barbie or Power Rangers to all your friends. (I would get Justin Bieber Valentine's if I was buying this year...) And I was always so meticulous about which ones I would give to certain boys... because if I didn't think they were cute they got the most platonic card in the set.

I will admit there were a few years in middle/high school when Valentine's Day was really lame because it felt like if you didn't have a Valentine then THE. WORLD. WAS. ENDING... so if you are between the ages of 12 and 17 then maybe I can let negative comments slide. But if you are mature enough then Valentine's Day can be really fun. It doesn't matter if you have a honey or not... do fun things and spread some love today!

Some examples might be...
  • Buy a set of children's valentine cards and deliver them to your friends!
  • Go to lunch with the girls (or guys...) {Doing this... points for me}
  • Go see a movie you have been dying to see (May I HIGHLY recommend "Never Say Never" - The Biebs movie)
  • Watch "When Harry Met Sally"
  • Watch the Bachelor with all your best gal pals!
Okay, Okay, I'll stop! But today is a day to celebrate your Love for the people in your life. Everyone deserves to be told they are loved every day... And this is the holiday to celebrate it!

Disclaimer: I celebrated V-Day with the Bif yesterday. He is in public accounting and will be working until probably 10:00pm. tonight. So I am celebrating today with my friends! (One of my best buds is leaving for Australia tomorrow so we gotta have one last hang out before she leaves!) But I am meeting the Bif for a cookie at the little cafe in our building at 3:00... gotta do a little something on the actual day!

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Perpetual Blind Date said...

I get lots of points because I am doing almost all of those things on your list... minus going to a movie. However, if I was going to see a movie it would definitely go see the Biebs!