Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Look at me.. I'm crafty!

As I posted yesterday, I am hoping to become more crafty this year and so far I have made one crafty thing... this bad boy:

Sorry for the pictures' sub-par quality. I had to take them on my phone because I have misplaced my camera! But this is the Christmas stocking I made for the Bif. It took me from after Thanksgiving to February to finish it all the way. My Grandma and Aunts have been making Christmas stockings and tree skirts for their family and friends for years. So I am hoping to continue the tradition!I got the idea to start making these when my Aunt Laura was working on one for my cousin, Michael, at Thanksgiving. She taught me how to do a few stitches and add the sequins... I was hooked!

I would guesstimate it takes about 30-50 hours to complete one of these stockings. I also added a few extra touches to make my stockings a bit better quality.

Extra #1: Lining.

I added this cute, red and green plaid fabric to the back of the front of the stocking. It will help protect the million stitches I used when sewing the intricate front of the stocking.

Extra #2: Trim on the back.

The trim allows me to cover up the stitches I used to join the front and back of the stocking together. It also gives the stocking a very polished look.

Here is a closer look at Santa...

He is so cute! This picture also shows the detail work that goes into these pieces. Every single thing is sewn by hand. Every stitch... every sequin... aka.... a lot of work! But it is so gratifying at the end. I can't wait for next December to see it hung over the Bif's fireplace. And I have started to work on one for my pup, Elphie. Here is what I have done so far...

Of course, I'll post the results after I finish this one. Hopefully in a more timely manner than my first go round!

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