Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little (Huge) Thing #3: The Royal Wedding

I am having an unhealthy relationship with the Royal Wedding. Its all I can think about. I wonder what Kate and William are doing at every second. I google it multiple times per day to see what the latest news is.... obsessed. (E! news told me that Victoria Beckham, aka. Posh Spice, was asked to send over some designs for Kate's wedding gown.)

I thought we would start with some interesting news about the Royal Wedding Party (my fave Royal Wedding site can be found here... and I will always link up to my sources.)

Best Man: Prince Harry. William has broken tradition by calling Harry the "Best Man," in the past the groom has had "supporters" but no best man.

Maid of Honor: Pippa Middleton (Loving the name Pippa, by the way!)

The Bridesmaids: Lady Louise Windsor, Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Eliza Lopes and Grace Van Cutsem (Ages: 7, 8, 3, 3, respectively. Apparently they do things a little different over there...)

There are also pageboys. Ages 9 &8. I obviously have some more to learn about this whole Royal Wedding thing. But have no fear... I'll let you know all that I discover.

From now on we will be having Royal Wedding Wednesday where I'll share all the latest news from the previous week.

And in case you didn't know... the Wedding occurs on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 11:00. (Which is about 5:00 am where I'm at) so I have already planned to take the day off work to fully immerse myself in Royal Wedding Bliss.

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Perpetual Blind Date said...

Are you really taking off work??? You better tell Perrin not to let her wedding business interfere ;) I'm pretty obsessed too - not quite to your level but i looove hearing about it! - Sarah

Alyssa said...

Ha! I came to comment and my counter part already had! I fully plan on streaming the wedding at work that day! I cannot wait! - Alyssa

Mom said...

Hey Tay! I enjoyed reading your blog! You are doing very well. You are officially on my quick pick toolbar! Love you.